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Trust Pupil Board

What is the Trust Pupil Board about?

The Pupil Board is an organisation that allows the student body of different schools in the Trust to hold regular meetings and then make decisions about their education and the improvements that can be made to better the student experience in the education system. Students are elected to represent their respective schools by teachers and their peers. They are tasked with collecting information from students, driving improvements in the community.

 What are my aspirations for the Pupil Board and Education?

I aspire to be a role model for other students in my school and other Trust schools, so that students have a voice and are represented in the Trust with dignity and honour. I also want to be a part of a group of people who strive to improve education for all students around the country; providing more opportunities to give them a better quality of life.


Chair - Pupil Board 2022-23 (UCS)

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